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    Happy Thursday!!!

    I awoke this morning with a smile on my face and a song in my heart.  I am filled with good will and Christmas cheer because it is Thursday.

    It is Thursday and I am not at work.

    It is Thursday and my presents are wrapped and under the tree.

    It is Thursday and I have a week and a half of sleeping in and naps stretching before me.


    In other news

    -Hayden also awoke with a smile on his face because - hold on to your hats ladies and gentelmen - he has cracked the present code.  I would guess that he has put in approximately30-40 full hours of thought and filled pages and pages of his notebook and he believes it's all worth it. 

    His reward?

    Hayden gets to spend the next two days saying "neener neener" to his sisters and on Christmas morning he gets to hand out the packages.  This is a highly coveted position and Hayden in particular likes to do it because of the perceived power it gives him.

    Boys are just different, aren't they?

    - I have to tell this story:

    I called my sister, Nicki, yesterday and in the background - as always- I could hear this little guy.

    My nephew Camden is a vocal little fellow and at just past two has become talkative.  Nicki convinced him to talk to me on the phone.  He yelled a few words into my ear and then there was a thunk as he dropped the phone.

    In the distance I could hear Nicki narrating for me.

    "He wants to show you something.  He's running full speed around the living room looking for anything to show you.  Oh!  He grabbed the remote."

    Then I heard heavy breathing as Camden picked up the phone again and made out the words "wemote" and "Dora" as he told me all out it.

    "Yes Camden!  That's a great remote!  You watch Dora with it?  Do you see Diego too?"

    "Dago!" He gleefully agreed with me.  Then another thunk and the conversation was done.

    I laughed long and hard.  I love two year olds.

    At other people's houses.

    - Rich is playing guitar for worship services tonight, tomorrow night and Sunday.  That's five services total plus hours and hours of rehearsal time.  He is more than happy to do it but it does mean long hours away from his family at Christmas time.  When you attend services this weekend, take a minute to thank the many volunteers who make it possible.   They serve gladly, but a little appreciation is always nice.

    - I still have not totally decided on our meal for Christmas Eve.  Traditionally we have our big meal that night so that I don't have to cook Christmas day.  On Christmas Day, Rich makes breakfast and we snack on leftovers and goodies all day.  Late afternoon we go to the movies and have popcorn for dinner.

    This year we're changing it up a little as Rich's mom has decided to have everyone over for a noontime dinner on Christmas day. She'll have the traditional holiday foods so I'm wondering what to do for Christmas Eve.  I'm leaning towards marinated flank steak.  It's delicious, a little fancy and quick to prepare.

    What about you? 

    Are you having your big meal on Christma Eve or Christmas Day?

    What are you making?

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    Reader Comments (22)

    Sounds like a great Christmas... and great time off!! :) We don't have our meals planned out yet, so we'll see. But your plan sounds delish!

    Merry Christmas!

    December 23, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterTabitha Blue

    The sexy guitar player comment suddenly makes much, much more sense.

    That's what I get for reading backwards!

    (Posts, that is, not the individual words. I don't have Da Vinci like gifts.)

    (Bummer, right?)

    December 25, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMegan (Best of Fates)

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